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Providing Career Assessment Services to Public and Private Schools

Career Assessment Systems proposes to provide State Department of Education certified career assessment services to Public and Private School Systems.  Our professional staff will transport state of the art technically advanced software and equipment to the Public and Private School where comprehensive career assessment services will be completed in a suitable location to be determined.


The Comprehensive Career Assessment

The comprehensive career assessment will include an intake interview process which will include demographic information, medical/physical dynamics, educational/training chronology, and work history.  The career assessment will include two interest surveys that are criteria referenced and meet Labor Department standards and identify specific interest correlated to the Labor Department�s Guide to Occupational Exploration (GOE) Cluster areas.  This will be followed by the Cites Learning Styles Inventory which measures 5 cognitive areas of learning, 2 social areas of learning, and 2 expression or response areas.  This will be followed by a comprehensive aptitude based assessment which utilizes the Valpar 3000 computerized assessment system, Career Abilities Placement Survey (CAPS), Talent Assessment Program Aptitude Battery (TAP) and the Purdue Peg Board.  The aptitude based objective assessment measures 11 aptitudes twice utilizing visual, auditory and kinesthetic modalities and provides task acquisition for learning prior to assessment.  This dual aptitude based objective assessment system also generates grade levels in respect to General Educational Development (GED) which are defined and meet Labor Department standards.  A norm based vocational behavior scale will be completed utilizing objective observations, case history information and a thorough participant/consumer interview process.  The information extrapolation phase of the career assessment will be utilized in generating labor market information that is relevant to the immediate geographical area.  Labor market information will include DOT�s, Standard Occupational Classifications (SOC), O-Net database and Census database which includes wage information by metropolitan area.  After occupations and wage information are identified through the databases above, recommendations will be generated creating linkage to the vocational programming identified as feasible options within the Vocational Education Planning District that precipitate successful education and training outcomes.


Post Evaluation Conferences

Career Assessment Systems propose providing post evaluation conferences for those students recommended for this additional service. This service will be provided students who completed a comprehensive career assessment the opportunity to participate in a post evaluation conference.  Post evaluation conferences will be completed in a timely manner based on the completion date of the comprehensive career assessment prior to annual Individual Education Plans (IEP�s), 504 Plans or Guidance Plans in the spring of the school year.


Ohio Public Schools served by CAS


Aurora High School

Beachwood High School

Bedford City High School

Chagrin Falls High School

Maple Heights High School

Mayfield High School

Mayfield Excel Technical Education Career Consortium

North Canton Hoover High School

Orange High School

Portage Lakes Career Center

Richmond Heights High School

Solon High School

South Euclid-Lynhurst High School

West Geauga High School



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