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Description of Services

Mobile Comprehensive Vocational Evaluation:  (WO610) Career Assessment Systems brings CARF accredited vocational evaluation services to the consumer’s location. Our professional staff transports a state of the art technically advanced system of software and equipment to any suitable location in Ohio.

Comprehensive Vocational Evaluation (WO610) includes:

Demographics: individual vocational evaluation plan, referral questions, background, income, transportation, education and training information.

Interest: measures expressed interest in 12 Guide to Occupational Exploration cluster areas with over 12,850 occupations.

Academic Achievement: measures General Educational Development in reading comprehension, vocabulary, spelling language art skills and mathematical computation.

Learning Styles: measures 5 cognitive, 2 social and 2 expressive social modalities which indicates how the brain processes and retrieves information.

Vocational Behavior: measures behavior in 20 critical areas that facilitate working and living in the community.

Work History/Transferable Skills Analysis: transfers actual work history into identified aptitude skills.

Worker Qualification Profile: 11 aptitudes are assessed twice in different modalities and compared to the industrial standard adjusted for learning and combined with transferable work skills to identify matching occupations from the O-net, standard occupational classifications and dictionary of occupational titles.

Physical Demands: measures ability to meet physical capacity in 20 specific physical demand factors inherent in work.

Environmental Conditions: measures ability to meet environmental capacity in 14 specific physical surroundings factors inherent in work.

Temperaments: measures ability to meet behavior capacity in 11 specific personality trait factors inherent in work.

Recommendations: prioritized options are presented in a vocational plan of action that answers specific referral questions to overcome rehabilitation barriers and promote competitive employment.

O’Net Labor Department Job Bank: utilizing comprehensive vocational evaluation results, a search of The Labor Department O’Net database is incorporated to identify occupations as a part of the vocational plan of action.

Wage and Earnings: geographic wage and income earning potential information are detailed in an attachment format.

Vocational Screening/Transferable Skills Analysis: (WO631)

Includes the following from the above listed services. Demographics, Interests, Work History/Transferable Skills Analysis, Physical Demands, Environmental Conditions, Temperaments, O’Net Labor Department Job Bank, Wage and Earnings.



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